Review Policy

We regret that this is now an ex-website.

For a very brief explanation, read this.


4 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. I notice yousaid you prefer e-books or Kindle version of a submission. Does that mean you do not accept hard copies?

    • No. I think we would be happy to accept hard copies. However our reviewers are distributed across the globe. So submitting a hard copy is always likely to require international postage without a guarantee of a review – we only review the books we can recommend.

      But by all means, if you only have hard copies, please feel free to submit a request anyway.

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  3. Wow! Was so entertained by the writing in the ‘Review Policy’ that I forgot why I was here – to ask for a review. Takes a lot of anger to write with a stiletto for a pen. Hope I don’t piss you off!

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