A Punk Rock Love Song

Reviewed by Evangeline Jennings

A Punk Rock Love Song
C.I. DeMann

If you’ve ever wanted to read a John Hughes movie, here’s your chance.

Maggie’s mother is dead. Her father is looking for his wife at the bottom of a bottle. And Harry Dean Stanton is almost certainly Maggie’s grandfather. Great grandfather? Yeah. Well. Whatever.

Punk Rock Love LetterMaggie’s too tall. Doesn’t really have boobs. And hates all the Manic Pixie Dream Girls that seem to have been sent to spoil what passes for her life.

Her father’s occasionally sober and contrite, but it never lasts. Money is tight and Maggie can’t go on that school trip she was promised before … well, you know … her mother died.

Damian has the worst would-be boyfriend name ever. He also has a Pixie Girlfriend name of Skyler. Which frankly isn’t much better.

Audrey – the Pixie Girl with the very best name ever – has Two Moms and isn’t sure how High School will deal with that.

The answer to everyone’s problems, of course, is punk rock and hair dye. Same as it ever was.

Maggie’s mom played bass guitar. The dark green Ibanez lurks in their basement. Some of the cool kids are starting a band and holding auditions. Maggie has never played a note in her life, but that didn’t stop Sid Vicious and look where he is now. Oh, hold on a mo. Now read on … dot … dot … dot …

The best thing about A Punk Rock Love Song is the way that author CI DeMann – possibly not his real name – constructs his characters. They’re convincing and endearing because they’re ALL insecure and learning how to deal. Complex things are happening. Everyone has troubles. And since this is a John Hughes movie, you can rest assured that everyone who deserves one – the people we care about – will get their happy ending by the time you turn the last page.

This is an author to watch, and I like A Punk Rock Love Song almost more than toast. Cha cha cha.

A Punk Rock Love Song
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