The Infinite Within

Reviewed by Evangeline Jennings

The Infinite Within
Michael Drakich

The Infinite WithinWhat would happen if you went to Mars and came back a superhero?

A light science fiction story which takes its heroine to Mars, Infinity, and Beyond while treating the reader to corruption at all levels of government, law enforcement, and business, The Infinite Within is produced to professional standards but perhaps reads a little lightweight for most modern tastes. Nonetheless I’m pretty sure that if you can get past the unnecessary prologue you’ll read all the way to the end – which is a good thing – and then scratch your head at the bracketing epilogue. Which isn’t.

Some readers may carp at the science in The Infinite Within and it does come awful close to magic when the quantum equivalent of a radioactive spider bite effectively makes astronaut Brooke Jones the God in her own machine, but my petty objections go more to the opportunity missed by Michael Drakich. A woman goes into space, comes back a superhero, and does precisely nothing worthwhile with her powers other than protect herself and enact a little vengeance.

I can’t believe there weren’t people who needed saving and many more politicians who needed fucking up. Brooke Adams lacked all imagination and was way too keen to be a good girl and do what she was told for my tastes. Just sayin’.

The Infinite Within
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