Editorial – Part Three

By Evangeline Jennings

Previously on the Pankhearst Review, we talked about why so many books submitted to us don’t get reviewed. We threw in hard numbers and talked about the problems we’ve seen time and time again. Today we’re going to tell you why this is important. It’s pretty fucking straightforward.

Just because you can write and publish a book, doesn’t mean you should.

Hardworking and talented authors with vibrant stories to tell and important things to say are being suffocated beneath the white noise of clamorous hobbyists convinced their neighbor’s five star review makes them the next Stephen King. The people we should be reading have to compete for bandwidth and attention and whore themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and God knows where else, when they should be honing their craft and writing more books.

So please, if you want to be an author or a publisher, go for it. But do it properly. Respect yourself and your story enough to put in all the hard work. Do your due diligence. Join a local writer’s group or find a web-based community where you can feel comfortable. Learn to tell the difference between empty praise and constructive criticism. Say thank you for the first and seek out the latter. Study the rules of grammar and punctuation. Read a buttload of books and understand the standard you need to aspire to.

And stop treating readers with contempt.

There’s nothing we want more – well, hardly anything – than to see you write and publish a book truly worth reading. But until you get serious, you’re wasting everyone’s time. And we don’t take kindly to that.


3 thoughts on “Editorial – Part Three

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