Guns Of Brixton

Reviewed by Evangeline Jennings

Paul D Brazill

Written for men of a certain age by another man of a very similar age, Guns of Brixton is a fat old bird trying to cram her complete collection of obsolete cultural references into her teenage daughter’s skinny jeans. The results aren’t pretty but if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll likely have a good time.

Guns Of BrixtonThe writing is sometimes sharp, sometimes less so. The humour mostly green – by which I mean recycled – but occasionally blackly witty. The editing and proof-reading leave something to be desired – there are formatting inconsistencies and more typos than I expected to see – and the overall effect is a cheap but cheerful headlong rush into London gangster farce.

A fistful of outlandish plot threads weave about the city, dodging dodgy characters by the score, and it’s as if the nineteen eighties never happened.

If you know who Dick Emery and Gordon The Moron were, appreciate cross-dressing humour as much as the next Little Englander, and love a good Michael Caine reference then Guns of Brixton might be for you. And if you know that actor/bodyguard John “I’ve got a big penis, me” Bindon was a smackhead bully and woman-beating small-time gangster wannabe who appeared in a Michael Caine movie, was sacked by Led Zeppelin, and possibly fucked a royal then maybe you already own it.

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of know-it-all snob who feels disappointed that Michael Caine’s role in Dressed To Kill didn’t get a name-check and cares that the first names of Ricki Lake and Robbie Williams are both misspelled in the very same sentence – an error that could have been prevented by checking the lyrics of the Williams’ song referenced – and would be genuinely surprised to find the name of classic seventies TV reference point The Sweeney similarly misspelled then you may want to pass on the Guns of Brixton.

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